We have implemented various customer and constituent relationship management systems (CRM), for the Westchester County Association, Another9 and for political campaigns. These systems varied in size, complexity and platforms. Most of them were web based. Most of them were SQL Server database driven. We converted and cleansed sizes from 100 to 100,000 data records. In some instances we sourced the prospecting and lead generation aspects for the clients.

Family office financial planning software system – We developed a software program integrated with 15 Quickbooks (expense) files and secure web interfaces to manage their clients assets. The system provides tax projections, actuals, and net worth reporting for each of the individual investors as well as the entire investment entity. The system manages all of the various CRM information and report distribution lists.

Web Based Fleet management system- customers include City of Yonkers, Village of Elmsford and Powercom. This system uses an HTML front end, SQL server back end. The system was written using Java script, VB, ASP.net, and SQL Server. The system manages all of the vehicles, parts inventory and maintenance. The system can automatically schedule work orders and notify the appropriate personnel. It currently electronically bonds with Gas Boy software and fleet parts vendors.

Web Based Building Permitting system- customers include City of Yonkers and Village of Elmsford. This software allows users to input permit information via the web. It handles the complete work flow of the process within the system. The system generates over 200 common form letters, notifications and permits in Microsoft Word format. The system stores and tracks all of these letters and allows for additional pictures and files to be uploaded and attached during the process flow.

Website content management system – this system is used by the Westchester County Clerk, Village of Elmsford, various political campaigns, AITP of Westchester, Binghamton & Johnson City Water Treatment, the City of Yonkers and many small business owners. WebSiteWiz takes care of everything from content and graphic design, calendar management, email list management and web hosting, to traffic analysis. The complex “stuff” is handled "behind-the-scenes."

Complete design and coding of a national school grant funding and tracking system. This system automatically feeds information from the national repositories to produce key marketing data and track the process from target to grant money in hand.

Redesign and coding of a large volume emergency telephone system. The system is capable of handling virtually unlimited capacity as designed and is working in production for hundreds of thousands of contacts.

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